Marie and Andrew – Whitstable Wedding Photographer

When I first met Andrew and Marie last December, it was clear to me that they are one of those couples who are easy to get along with. We set the schedule of their engagement photo session in April at a location in London. I am happy to say that the photographs captured the bond and connection between the couple. The hours flew by and at the end of the day, we wrapped the session up with great images – photographs that made me look forward to their wedding day.

When the big day came, my assistant, Soven, and I left London for an early morning travel to their location in Whitstable. The days leading to the wedding day produced some horrible weather and we were fervently praying that things would be different on the day itself. Thankfully, we were greeted with clear skies when we arrived in Whitstable. The sun was also kind throughout the day – which provided perfect lighting for Whitstable wedding photographer.

During the pre-wedding photography and while the lovely bride and bridesmaids were preoccupied getting their hair and makeup done, we were told that the men had found time to drop by at a pub called Monumentum to enjoy a pint or two of beer before the wedding ceremony. We were reliability informed though that Andrew did not touch an ounce of beer during the aforementioned pub outing.

Wedding ceremonies are always beautiful, but for Andrew and Marie, it was both special and memorable. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests proceeded to Lower Hardres Village Hall, which served as the venue for their reception. The idea was to have a Champagne Afternoon Tea and one could see how splendidly both families did when it came to the overall atmosphere and look for the hall. The decorations looked perfect and everyone was pleased with the outcome of the day.

Andrew and Marie expressed how important the photography aspect was to their wedding and we were given plenty of time to capture beautiful pictures of them and their guests during the day. Truly, the day was a very pleasant one filled with love and joy.

I would like to express my gratitude to Andrew and Marie Wilson, as well as the rest of their family and friends, for choosing me to be the Lower Hardres Village Wedding Photographer in Whitstable, as well as for the warm welcome my staff and I received during the event.

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