Farnham Castle – Grace and Liam Wedding

Grace and Liam – Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle is my favourite wedding venue in the UK. It helps that I’m also one of their recommended Surrey Wedding Photographers. So, thankfully, I get to work there quite often.

They like to state that Farnham Castle overlooks the charming Surrey market town of Farnham. They should boast about their fantastic management team. They’re always on hand to help couples create their own, unique and elegant wedding.

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The happy couple

When I first met Grace and Liam to discuss their wedding, I quickly realised just how lovely they both were. We chatted about their October wedding and how they were excited to my collection of indoor photography. It’s nice to know that a couple is happy to plan around the British weather with you. It was a pleasure to meet them both and discuss their wedding.

Start of the day

I made my way over to join Grace and her entourage. Everyone was so happy and excited for the day ahead at Farnham Castle. It was a lot of fun to be around them all and I love any excuse to celebrate.

My second photographer started the morning with the Groom. The last few touches were made to their suits, their hats were brushed off and they were all set.

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The beautiful ceremony

All of Grace and Liam’s guests arrived swiftly and it was a great chance for me to catch a lot of smiling faces. After a few quick photos of the bride and her bridesmaids, it was time for the wedding.There were some truly beautiful readings and more laughs than I’ve ever seen during a ceremony. It was clear to see that Grace and Liam are deeply in love.

After everything was signed and they were both announced, husband and wife, a few tears were shed and the celebrations could begin.

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A moment alone

There were so many hugs and kisses to be shared with loved ones and family. Everyone wanted a moment with the newly weds. It was lovely to see so much love and in continued during the group photos.

Once I had the chance, I took Grace and Liam away from their quests to get a few shots of them together. They could enjoy their first moments as husband and wife. Being a recommended Surrey Wedding Photographer at Farnham Castle, I knew the perfect spots for these photos. Plus, the weather was on our side, so no one got too cold.

Then it was my turn to give them some real time alone and I joined their guests for the wedding breakfast.

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The wedding breakfast

With the arrival of the bride and groom, everyone could enjoy a fantastic spread and the speeches. Not one person could keep a tear from their eyes or a smile from crossing their lips. The best men even had a few printed posters to share.

All the guests were happy to pose for a few photos and one of the guests even won big with his scratch card favour. Then Grace and Liam passed around a few special gifts for everyone who helped make their wedding day at Farnham Castle a reality.

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More photos and party

The couple joined me again for a few more photos outside in the beautiful surroundings of Farnham Castle. Being a local Surrey Wedding Photographer, I knew where to go. I was able to take these photos quickly and get the couple back inside for their first dance. Once Grace and Liam took to the dance floor, nearly all of the guests reached for their phones to capture this special moment. Then the band kicked in and everyone danced together to a collection of great tunes.

The bridal party headed outside for a few more fun photos around Farnham Castle and we used a few smoke bombs that they’d brought along. We ended the night with a few photo booth type shots inside and every guest had the chance to have a photo taken with the bride.

It was a fantastic wedding that everyone loved and I am so happy for Grace and Liam, the amazing married couple.

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