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When I first received Joseph’s email several months ago, I had to admit that I initially thought it was spam. Deciding to give it a thorough reading after a while, I discovered that it told the story of a Texas-born man who had his eyes set on marrying a Muslim woman from the UK at Epsom Downs. I confess when I read their story I thought my friends were trying to play a trick on me and it was only three days later when I realised that what I had in my inbox was a serious inquiry. Considering the distance, the meetings that went on from that point on were mostly over Skype. When I first met Parveen, it was her warm smile that made a huge impression. She shared her plans with me over chat and I was thankful of the trust that was given to me.

The story basically began when Joe and Parveen met three years ago as English teachers in the UK. What started out as common passion for teaching gradually blossomed into romance. One could say that Joe’s love for silly jokes matched perfectly with Parveen’s warm and tolerant persona, so it seems that calling each other their other halves is rightfully the case.

When I finally met Joe and Praveen in person, it was already during the last weeks of June and we were on our way to their pre-wedding shoot in a London Park. That night, my assistant, Mrs. Niki, and I met with the couple for a meeting discussing the creative engagement photography session. I always make use of this time to talk to the couple and discuss their vision when it comes to the photography on their wedding day. Parveen informed me of their preference for natural-looking pictures – moments captured naturally – which we proceeded to include in the photos we took.

The day brought beautiful weather, so we managed to capture more dramatic photographs for variety, which the couple loved. The photography session was wrapped up and everything was prepared for the big day. The day of the wedding came and I arrived early in the morning to the house of Parveen’s parents for the bridal preparation. Parveen was glowing with happiness, which made the whole shoot easier.

It was a pleasure to witness Joe and Parveen as they made their vows to each other. The father of the groom shared his words of wisdom and the couple exchanged rings as a symbol of their love and devotion. It was then followed by a declaration that they will live happily ever after as man and wife. Joe and Parveen’s wedding reception was held at Epsom Down Racecourse. The atmosphere was that of relaxation and guests were treated to lovely canapés soon after they arrived at the venue. The newlyweds made their first dance as husband and wife at Bourne Hall and it was also where the wedding breakfast was observed.

While I am aware that a number of people weren’t able to attend the wedding because of the distance; I had high hopes that the photographs captured moments and stories on Joe and Praveen’s big day.

To close this off, I would like to extend my thanks to Bernard, my assistant, for his efforts throughout the day. I would also like to express my gratitude to Joe and Parveen’s families for their warm welcome. I felt privileged as Joseph and Parveen’s wedding photographer at Epsom Down as well as in their reception at Bourne Hall.

Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_44 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_43 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_42 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_41 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_40 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_39 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_38 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_37 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_36 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_35 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_32 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_33 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_29 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_34 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_27 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_26 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_25 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_24 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_21 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_22 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_28 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_20 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_17 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_19 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_16 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_15 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_18 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_23 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_12 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_30 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_13 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_14 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_5 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_31 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_6 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_7 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_9 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_10 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_11 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_8 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_2 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_3 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_4 Parveen_Joseph_Wedding_at_Epsom_Downs_Wedding_Photographer_1If you are looking for a professional and friendly Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer, please get in touch and let’s talk about your big day.


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